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Impacts of climate change on the flow in Hong-Thai Binh and Dong Nai river basins
Climate change (CC) is one of the most significant challenges facing human beings in the 21st century. CC will seriously affect lives, production and environment worldwide. It also leads to the increasing temperature and one of its consequences is sea level rise, resulting in unpredicted changes of the river flow. This may cause more severe floods, serious drought and water shortage, further to continent of the salinity intrusions and negatively effect on the human’s lives, socio-economic development. In order to assess the changes in flow in Hong - Thai Binh and Dong Nai river basins under influences of CC, in the article flow from two mentioned basins is analyzed under condition of CC. This is important basis to evaluate the effect of CC on other fields relating to water resources. In the article, rainfall-runoff model (MIKE 11 - NAM model) was used to determine the flow in essential locations in Hong – Thai Binh and Dong Nai river basins in the three CC scenarios: A2, B2 and B1 [1]. Keywords: Climate change, flow, Hong-Thai Binh, Dong Nai..

 Tran Hong Thai, Tran Thuc - VNU-JS
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