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Welcome address by Prof. Dao Trong Thi, President of Vietnam National University, Hanoi
Welcome address by Prof. Dao Trong Thi, President of Vietnam National University, Hanoi at the 2nd ASEAN - China Rectors’ Conference on 15 - 16 March 2007.

Dear Professor Tran Van Nhung, Vice - Minister of Education and Training

Ambassadors, Counsellors, representatives from Ministry of Education and Training of China and ASEAN countries,

Presidents, Vice - Chancellors, Rectors

Distinguished guests,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU), I would like to warmly welcome all of you to the 2nd ASEAN - China Rectors’ Conference to be held in Hanoi. This meeting will provide a good chance for us to explore further opportunities for the effective cooperation between ASEAN and Chinese universities, to explore ways that we could more effectively achieve our missions, and work out further collaborative projects.

As you might be aware, having 20 member universities which are the main learning institutions of ASEAN countries, AUN has recorded encouraging achievements over the last few years thus proving its important role in the world higher education community. In the mean while, Chinese universities have made a lot of innovation during last 10 years to develop and reach regional and international standards. Our common interests and objectives have paved the firm foundation for potential development of our cooperation.

It is obvious that the knowledge-based economy of this century has brought us a lot of new challenges and new opportunities. Hence, it is imperative for ASEAN and Chinese universities to think of the ways to seize all these golden opportunities and prepare to face all the challenges so as to provide highly qualified human resources for the development of our respective countries thus contributing to peace, security and sustainable development of this region and the world over. Only by doing so, ASEAN and Chinese universities can remain competitive in the world higher education community.

In that connection, I would like to take this opportunity to highly appreciate all the strong commitment and devotion of the ASEAN and Chinese universities without which our cooperative linkage could not be effective. The presence of many Presidents, Vice-Chancellors and Rectors today in this conference shows the great attention and common interests for promoting the collaboration among our academic community. I do believe that the active and continued participation of all universities concerned is surely the key to the successes of each AUN member and each Chinese university participating in this Conference. I, therefore, wish to witness the continued development and progress of ASEAN - China collaboration in higher education.

I look forward to your further active contribution and wish our conference great success.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Photo by Buituan - Trang Tin tức Sự kiện
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